Crawl – Taut and tense, edge of you seat thriller

It’s about time we are due a creature feature flick that is not campy and take its mission seriously, which is to scare the shit out of its viewer. In that respect, Crawl delivers in every level. The movie, including the end credit, is a lean 87 minutes that packed enough suspense to last you a whole weekend. Kaia Scodelario is perfectly cast as the intense but resourceful Haley Keller. It is also good to see Barry Pepper back on the big screen again. Sam Raimi, as a producer, sure know how to pick a winning script in a genre he knows so well. There are many suspenseful set up that will keep your skin crawl while watching the characters being put in serious danger. This movie is beautifully shot, with fantastic pacing, and just a fun, suspenseful ride. Don’t miss it.