The Lion King – Lackluster comparing to the original

I truly admire the advancement of CGI that allow a movie like The Lion King to be made. This kind of total CGI movie would not have been possible just ten years ago because the technology didn’t exist or hadn’t caught up to the filmmaker’s imagination yet. However, as we all know, the heart of the movie is the storytelling and a clever script. Many of the funny banters in the original Lion King were taken out and the story felt quite uninspiring and more geared towards little kids age 8 and below who are easily entertained by the razzle dazzle CGI cuteness of the little lion cub. This movie could not hold my interest beyond it’s first 20 minutes. It tried to make up for the lack of a good script with breathtaking CGI visuals. You know this movie is in trouble when the best and funniest thing it is any scene with Seth Rogen’s Pumbaa. Anytime Pumbaa left the screen, the movie fell flat.