Once Upon A Time in…Hollywood – Tarantino’s most boring movie to date

This movie did not “become” a Tarantino movie until the last 20 minutes of it. During the screening that I attended, people started leaving after roughly an hour into the movie because there is nothing exciting happening on screen.
I was reading the trivia tid bits about the movie that Brad Pitt originally turned down the role he was offered in this movie and Quentin had to change the role to make it more exciting. Brad Pitt finally accepted the role of the stunt man Cliff Booth. His character is no doubt got all the exciting scenes while Leo DeCaprio play the more subdued role but Leo really embraced his character and make it exciting to watch through subtle acting expressions. Without the two heavyweight leads, this movie will be a massive bore. Both DiCaprio  and Pitt really elevate the script to another level. By far, the most boring Tarantino movie to date. In this movie, Quentin did to the Manson’s murder case the same way he did to Hitler’s WWII in Inglorious Basterds: interweaving facts with fiction. I wonder why it cost 95 millions to make this movie because there is no pricey CGI in this movie and the period setting look gratuitous and pretty artificial. I suppose most of the money went straight to Quentin’s pocket when he prompted the studios to bid on his script after he cancelled his collaboration with Harvey Weinstein to make this movie.