The Kitchen – Simply blown away by how good this movie really is

If you like gritty gangster movies like Donnie Brasco, The Goodfellas, Serpico, or even Black Mass, this movie is your jam.
I was pleasantly surprised how entertaining this movie turned out. It was visceral, as violent as a gangster movie could be wihtout being heavy-handed, and filled with good acting throughout the movie. All the casts turned in believable performances as their respective characters. The story line also zip along in good pacing without stagnant moments. Quentin Tarantino can learn from this movie in portraying the downtrodden, gritty look of the ’70s era and use that in “Once Upon A Time in… Hollywood”, which look too clean and polished. I was worried how the story can convincingly transition these three housewife characters into full fledge gangsters. Turned out my trepidation was completely unfounded. Director Andrea Berloff did an amazing directorial job here. She’s on a hot streak, coming off from directing STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON with this solid follow up.