Ready or Not – Samara Weaving owned this movie

Just as you had read on the title of this review, Ready or Not will be an incredibly boring one-note mess had someone else play the role of Grace, the bride who unwillingly turned into the victim of a murderous family with an ancient secret. It’s no surprise where the story is heading, if you had already seen the trailer to this movie. However, with Samara Weaving, who has such a vibrantly alive personality and beauty, this movie stepped up to another level of class. It helps that this movie arguably is the most cinematographically gorgeous slasher movie every made. Imagine if Merchant Ivory made a torture porn movie, then Ready or Not is a very close proximity to that. With the added dark green color grading and grungy film-like texture (think Zac Snider’s 300), this movie feel at once trendy and cool. Samara Weaving first caught my attention when she starred as the murderous, devil worshipping baby sitter in Netflix’s THE BABYSITTER. That was only in 2017, and fast forward to 2019, she is now a hypnotically beautiful bride-in-distress in READY or NOT.
This Aussie movie star is the one to watch because if any high profile movie producer and director has any good sense, they would cast her in anything great. I will pay to watch her read a phone book in a movie if there is such a thing playing in the cinema. Back to this movie, it’s all doom and gloom after the first 10 minutes. But nothing beat sitting in a climate-cool cinema on a hot, humid summer day, watching a well crafter slasher movie, starring one of the most beautiful new actress. The dark humor and gorgeous cinematography are just icing on the cake.

Another trivia knowledge about Samara Weaving, in case you are wondering if her last name sound familiar.
Actor Hugo Weaving (Matrix’s Agent Smith – Lord Of The Ring’s elf leader Elrond) is Samara’s real life uncle. He did not help her get into the film business, if you wonder. She got into Hollywood all by herself.

Samara Weaving in Netflix’s The Babysitter: