IT Chapter2 – Excessive CGI killed this movie

I am going to be short and sweet about this movie. Loved the first IT movie with the kids. The fact that the casts are lovable and they are kids intensify the suspense and fear factor. You take out all that and replaced them with very talented adult actors but overwhelmed the movie with super big budget CGI, and this second chapter lost all the charm and good parts from the first movie that made it so good. Early on in the movie, there is some knowingly hinted dialogue about an author writing a great book, but messing up the ending. Anyone who is familiar with the ‘IT’ book knew the ending was not well liked by most who read it. The filmmaker tried to rectify that with a new ending in this film. Unfortunately, the crazy CGI effect at the end of the movie prompted the movie to flip genre from horror to Sci Fi. It’s a disappointingly long movie that lost me half way through the winding storyline and it’s unnecessarily big, CGI laden ending.