Official Secrets – Intriguing political drama

We rarely get a treat in the form of political drama in movie form coming out of the UK. This one is a winner. Directed by Gavin Hood, who made Tsotsi and Eye In The Sky, this movie keep the storyline tight and pacing breezy. All the scenes are essential to inform the storyline. Every actors and actresses are perfectly cast for their roles. It is understandable to cast Keira Knightley for the main role because she provide the draw to get movie goers in to watch the film. In truth, any good actress can competently play the lead role of Katherine Gun character but Ms Knightley add a layer of quiet frustration to the character. Ralph Fiennes, being a great actor, quietly steal every scene he is in. The movie is filled with so many who’s who from the British cinema such as Matthew Goode, Rhys Ifans, and Matt Smith that it’s a treat just to watch them interact with each other. Slow but never boring, this is a perfect example of political drama done right.