Hustlers – Made for the fans of J-Lo

Although it is based on real event, the storyline to “Hustlers” is quite implausible.
In this movie, the hustle is based on ringing up huge amount of charges on credit cards and if you are like anyone who own an American Express or other high limit cards, these charges can be disputed and reversed. I don’t see this as being an easy hustle as the movie portrayed it to be and it leave a messy paper trail that can be trace back to the perpetrators. Not a smooth hustling trick.
Another implausibility; a big wall street shark who is obviously business savvy would want more than just a “drinking companion” if he is throwing so much money down on a girl in a strip joint.
Off the bat, many inconsistencies like these throw the realism for this movie out the window. This movie is clearly made for all the female J-Lo fans who are, admittedly, quite many. Enough to make this movie profitable, seeing that it only cost US$20 millions to make. If you are not a J-Lo fan, and a male, this movie will not appeal to you because this is more or less a tame stripper version of Sex and The City with no nudity nor the accurate depiction of the real stripper’s lifestyle.