Ad Astra – Surprisingly entertaining despite the lame trailer

I was thinking this movie would be lame like FIRST MAN. Thankfully, FIRST MAN it is not. It is much more entertaining and more profound in terms of storyline and clever pacing. Director James Gray trimmed all the fat that usually bog down space movies like this. Gone are the prolonged mumbo jumbo science explanation and over-detailed realism that usually slow down space movie to a grind. The film maker understand that most movie goers are not space or science nerds. We just want to watch a good movie and be entertained. That’s why FIRST MAN failed so miserably because of over indulgence in actual science and neglect in creating an entertaining storyline and exciting sequences. All and all, Ad Astra is a thought provoking yet entertaining drama mixed with thrilling suspense sequences that I did not expect from looking at it’s lame trailer. I was expecting a lame quasi science drama made by a science geek. Thankfully, that’s not the case.