Rambo: Last Blood – Satisfying and fan-pleasing

This movie had gone through so many test screenings and re-editing that it ended up being just about 85 minutes long (plus end credit). In my opinion, it is a good thing because the movie become a lean mean action flick that did not get dragged down by un-needed scenes. Stallone re-use his foolproof story template from past Rambo movies that has served him so well.
He know how to riled up the audiences’ emotions to gain approval for Rambo’s justified violence on the bad guys. And violence they got, in spade. This movie move very fast and very by-the-number, Rambo-style. The violent scenes come fast and furious with its unflinching shots of head blown to smithereens and beating heart ripped out of chest cavity.  All in all, it’s the Rambo movie that we had come to love and missed.