The Goldfinch – Slow but compelling

I never read the best seller book so I went into this movie not knowing what to expect and ended up pleasantly surprised. I know many critics butchered the movie but I think they are expecting too much from it. Understandably, a movie from a long, epic novel usually get so condensed into a two and a half hour movie that many crucial storyline get left out or reduced to quick takes.Apparently, The Goldfinch suffers from this condition. I admit, there are scenes that can be trim to speed the movie along, especially all that prolonged childhood bonding scenes between the Oakes Fegley and Finn Wolfhard’s characters. The chopped up love storyline was also felt very rushed while it actually need a better treatment for the drama to feel heartfelt. But all in all, I am actually entertained and thought this movie is so much more entertaining than I initially thought. It’s got suspense, intrigues, deceptions, tender moments, and a decent ending. Pretty much all you want in a decent, watchable movie.