Judy – Renée Zellweger deserves another Oscar for her performance

When you watch this movie, you will not see Renée Zellweger anywhere in this movie. You see someone who look identical to Judy Garland in every shape or form, playing Judy Garland. You are watching the craft of acting at it’s finest. We are talking about a complete physical transformation and facial expression that so resemble the real Judy Garland that it’s a literal awe to watch. The story is a bummer but you already know that going in since Judy’s tragic life has been widely known. What I was not aware is the fact that Judy Garland passed away at the age of 47. I always thought she was much older judged from all the photos and videos I saw of her towards the end of her life. Judy looked and moved like she’s in her late sixties. That was the result of years of pill and alcohol abuse since she was a child. This revelation was briefly depicted in flash back scenes to the time when she was a little girl during the filming of The Wizard of Oz. Towards the end of the movie, when Judy sang the song OVER THE RAINBOW, it had a completely different meaning than the version everyone was used to. It become a sad ode to an unattained life-goal. A tragic life of a talented person of whom fate had dealt a bad hand.