Gemini Man – Ang Lee’s smart movie about spycraft

I think the critics are expecting another new masterpiece from Ang Lee because he set the bar so high in all his past projects. That’s why they were disappointed after seeing Gemini Man. This is a thinking man’s spy movie with seriously inventive and exciting action sequences that’s shot innovatively. Ang Lee is smart to treat Gemini Man as a spy movie instead of an action movie. This make Gemini Man very interesting to watch because it is filled with spycraft and the double crosses that you get from a good spy movie. Yes, there are many intense action scenes filled with very dynamic camera set up with POV shots and long takes of break neck chase scenes all over the alleys of Columbia and beautifully choreographed hand to hand combat in the city of Budapest. The movie is never boring thanks to it’s lean and mean editing work. Every slight camera pan have a meaning and pay off in later scenes to follow.
This is undoubtedly an Ang Lee movie. It is finely crafted, filled with fleshed out characters with back stories, and meticulously choreographed action scenes that keep you on the edge of your seat.