Jo Jo Rabbit – An endearing comedy

Taika Waititi cemented himself as one of the best satirical comedy film maker of our generation with Jo Jo Rabbit. You will maintain your chuckles throughout the movie with its witty puns and several slapstick gags. The novelty does wear out and the movie took a dynamic dip in the middle of the movie, then it take a turn into a sense of poignancy and touching near the end of the movie. The mixture of the many spectrum of emotions maintain the movie’s watchability. Roman Griffin Davis, as Jo Jo, carry this movie throughout because he is literally is in every scene and as a first time child actor, he is a marvel to watch. You can tell Sam Rockwell and the rest of the cast have a good old time parody-ing the buffoon caricatures they were portraying in the movie. The movie did not skimp on budget for its soundtrack either. For the opening song, it used the Beatles’ “I wanna hold your hand (sung in German)”, which might cost the production a cool million dollar for the usage fee. Then it went on to use David Bowie’s song “Helden” toward the end credit to close the movie with. There goes another million dollar for the usage rights to that Bowie’s song. The production converted areas from the beautiful city of Prague as the realistic stand-in for the rubble-riddled city of Vienna in the 1940s. So the moral of the story is: if you want to make an awesome satirical period comedy, don’t go cheap. Be generous on the comedy, soundtrack, and set design. In that respect, this movie more than delivers. But this movie went a step further by having a big heart in the middle of all these sarcastic, chuckle-inducing scenes.