Terminator: Dark Fate – James Cameron steered the franchise back to the right path.

Ignore all those critic bashing of this movie. During the advance screening of this movie, the audiences clapped loudly in approval when end credits rolled.
True to his promise, James Cameron start the movie straight from the ending of Terminator: Judgement Day and ignored all the other Terminator movies and TV shows that came out in between this movie and Terminator: Judgement Day. In fact, he showed within the first five minutes of the movie that the other Terminator movies could not have existed in the same dimension where the T2 and Dark Fate took place. Linda Hamilton was not placed in this movie for reason of nostalgic fan service. She served an important, key character that won’t be obvious to audiences until the last scene rolled around in the movie.
Without her character returning to the movie, Terminator: Dark Fate will not be possible. Mackenzie Davis did an incredible job as a hybrid sent back to try her best to protect the new character Dani Ramos from being smoked by a nasty Rev-9 that can split into two and virtually unkill-able.  Arnold is back as the T-800 character that’s old-but-still-has-dry-humor Terminator. The battle scenes are, of course, breathtakingly impressive and exciting to watch. This is the best Terminator movie since the first two installments.