Doctor Sleep – A worthy suspense flick

Every person I told to about this movie always asked if it is as good as THE SHINING, which prompted me to necessitate this review with an advance disclosure that this movie is completely different from The Shining, in tone, theme, and even in genre. Doctor Sleep leans heavily into a suspense genre territory instead of being a pure horror like its predecessor. That’s not to say Doctor Sleep is an inferior, not by a long stretch. Doctor Sleep turned out to be a very entertaining and immensely watchable horror-tinged suspense flick. The characters and narrative hook you right in from the get go and you will be sucked into the world of these fascinating characters. Unlike the abstract construct of the world in The Shining, Doctor Sleep had a very well-defined story and clear definition of good and bad characters. I recommend this movie for it’s absorbing story and fantastic casts. Oh, for those who are unaware, the director of Doctor Sleep, Mike Flanagan, is the director of the hit horror series The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix.