Last Christmas – a half-polished diamond

There is so much potential to this storyline if this project fell on the lap of a creative movie director and script writer.  I can envision so many fun and exciting musical sequences that will add to the dynamic of the movie and speed the story along. After all, this is the movie featuring George Michael’s hit songs. Unfortunately, at the hand of director Paul Feig, this movie have zero creative story telling or clever utilization of all those classic George Michael songs beyond the rote placement of songs throughout the movie. The meet-cute between Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding ran out of steam after half an hour. This movie will be totally horrible if the story did not have a tear-baiting twist in the third act. This is an example of a lazy and un-creative production. The people who worked on this movie did not make much effort to raise the material up creatively and turn it into something immensely watchable and dare I say, a candidate for a new classic Christmas movie. It has all that potential and then some, but in the hand of mediocre people, it become a forgettable semi feel-good movie. Emma Thompson is the only cast who provide the funniest dialogues and stole every scene she’s in. Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding did an admirable job keeping the movie afloat beyond mediocrity. The lazy script and lack of imagination of Paul Feig are squarely to blame for the failure to elevate this movie to its full potential.