Ford V Ferrari – Strictly for Motor Heads, Antique Car Enthusiasts, and Racing Fans

I don’t know much about the history of racing and the main characters portrayed in Ford V Ferrari so I watched this movie for the history lesson on famous racers and the time of their highlighted achievements. I also went for the acting and because I like director James Mangold’s last three movies. Well, the actors did a great job to liven up the dragging storyline. This movie’s best part are the acting with great cinematography and beautiful scene framing. I mean, every scene of the characters talking to each other are like a very well shot corporate portrait photos. Since I am not a big fan of car racing, the jargons, and anything involving car repairs and hot rodding flew by my head. Though I must admit that I never get bored throughout the film. Thanks to the charismatic performances of the two leads as well as all the supporting casts in this movie. The most stand out supporting cast here being Jon Bernthal as Lee Iacocca. The second act of the Le Mans racing scene was also very well shot and expertly paced. All in all, it is a good dramatic piece about car racers and the time when Ford Motor Company miraculously beat Ferrari at Le Mans. It also show what a big lug and red-tape filled Ford Motor company corporate politic was. If you had ever worked for a big corporation, you will find the ego-filled office politic depicted in this movie about the people in Ford Motor Company to be eerily familiar. And not in a good way.