21 Bridges – Lean and mean action thriller

For anyone who have seen the trailer to 21 Bridges, you already know about the two bad guys who killed cops during their heist-gone-wrong. You also know a pair of detectives working to flush them out by sealing up the entire island of Manhattan. What the trailer did not show was the hillarious but dry sarcastic remarks made during the sharp exchange between the cops and FBI agents. The movie were shot entirely in Manhattan, predominantly around the four block radius of the meat packing district with The Standard Hotel looming large on the background and renamed into some generic hotel brand. The movie hits its stride after the first five minute where it set up detective Andre Davis’ backstory by opening the film with the funeral procession of Andre’s Dad who was a cop shot while on duty. Cut forward to present day when the doomed heist was about to take place and the movie propel itself like a bullet dislodged from a fired gun, and never let up to the very end. As savvy modern audiences who are familiar with thriller narratives, we know nothing is as simple as the story let on. And you will be correct to think so. All in all, an entertaining action thriller that is worth the admission price you pay for.