Batman Ninja – The most beautiful Batman Animation, ever.

I can not believe how savage the critical beating this animation received by reviewers on IMDB. Those guys clearly missed the point. This is anime Batman, with anime storytelling through incredibly gorgeous visual rendering. It is rooted through anime genre, with a fantastical storyline, and the animation look more hyperreal than your usual anime manga mold. It’s like the marriage of Frank Miller graphic novel, Afro Samurai, and Ghost In The Shell animation. It make sense because the director Junpei Mizusaki is the creator of Afro Samurai animation. If you love gorgeously elaborate and detailed drawn graphic comic with inventive visuals, this will be a visual feast for you. Do not compare this movie with any realistic depiction of the western Batman that you are used to. The film makers have transitioned the visuals of every characters in The Batman universe into anime manga style in a very genius way. I never reviewed anything that is not a new release, but this 2018 animation stick in my mind since I first saw it and deserve more accolade than it did. Now that it is Black Friday sale on Best Buy, Batman Ninja is on sale for only $3.99 in the Blu Ray format, that’s cheaper than a cup of coffee from Starbuck, people! This movie will be a great addition in your movie library collection that you will re watch over and over again for visual inspiration if you are a visual person, a graphic designer, illustrators, or an art director; or just for the sheer gorgeousness of the animation.