Knives Out – A modern Whodunit that’s anything but boring

I have to confess that I am no fan of  all those Agatha Christie’s whodunit movie genre. I even passed out while watching the latest version of “Murder On The Orient Express”. I have no patient for their slow pacing and  suspicious misdirections. Don’t even get me started with thatHercule Poirot series in Masterpiece Theatre. If I could not fall asleep at night, I just look for one of those old episode on Youtube and turn it on, and bam! I passed out within five minutes. However, I am happy to report that Knives Out is anything but boring or slow. You might even need to pay a closer attention to what’s happening on screen because things are moving briskly with many clues and misdirections sprinkled throughout the movie. As the result, Knives Out turned into a very kinetic and enjoyable murder mystery that’s unlike all its previous predecessors.