6 Underground – Another big, messy Bayhem

Michael Bay certainly bring his signature BAYhem brand of action to 6 Underground. He took his signature high speed car chase to another level in the first act, with eye popping chase scene in the city of Florence, Italy. The cars weaved in and out of alleyways, into market place, inside famous art galleries, and spilled into the canal. I wish he keep this hearth pumping momentum going throughout the movie but it slowed to a crawl once the car chase ended. What follows are the intro to the characters and establish the bad guy in the movie. As many action movie fans already know, the movie is only as good as the villain in the movie. Unfortunately, in this movie, the bad guy’s growl was not even close to menacing. The final act of the movie turned into a big mess of shoot-em-up. Although I must admit Michael Bay had one more neat trick under his sleeve to stage a clever sequence by turning a big yatch into a giant magnet which in turn, create a spectacular Bayhem of an action scene that is original.

https://youtu.be/XcIuFTrLS6g6 underground