Cats – All that wasted hard work and talents in creating such a bad movie.

First off, even from the trailer, I know this movie is going to be bad. People were actually laughed at the trailer because NO ONE asked for this movie to be made. If you read the reviews to this movie, the one uniform critique made in most of the reviews was how bad the CGI was. I have to agree with this. This movie have some of the worst CGI for a movie that cost almost 100 millions to make. It’s quite noticeable that the dancers were dancing on green screen and the cobblestone roads were added into the scene during post production  because the feet clearly stood on flat surface instead of on the brick lanes. There are many uncomfortable silences and unintentional, humorous poses. Audiences laughed at some awkward and cringeworthy scenes that’s not supposed to be funny. The biggest laughter garnered by the movie was at the ending when everyone in the cinema realized how ridiculous this movie really is.  So much talent and hard work wasted in this movie.  I can understand the lasting endurance of the song MEMORIES in the play. Jennifer Hudson belted out a heartfelt version of the movie that give you a lump on your throat watching it. That scene was introduced towards the end of the movie and it almost redeem the movie had it not ended with the ridiculous air ballon up in the air to nowhere.