Star wars: The Rise of Skywalker – A disappointing ending to a franchise legacy

This movie clearly went through the wringer with the studio heads and the people who put up the money but not artistically adept in creating a good script or directing a great action movie. There is absolutely nothing new in this movie. The story was all over the place and what the major characters doing in the movie make little sense if any at all. I watched it on IMAX 3D at 1:30pm in the afternoon and I was fighting hard from falling asleep because I was bored from looking at all these scenes that I had seen before in all 8 previous movies from this franchise. The Rise of Skywalker make The Last Jedi look like an absolute masterpiece. I was riveted while watching The Last Jedi throughout the movie. I had none of that feeling sitting through The Rise of Skywalker.
I left the cinema feeling frustrated and angry that I had spent 2.5 hours of my life for a movie that I was expecting to be at least as good as “The Force Awakens” since it was also directed by JJ Abrams. Clearly, the movie went through a massive retooling and turned into a recycled clone of its predecessors.