1917 – A Masterpiece

This movie is quite different from most recent war movies by big studios that showcase big, chaotic war sequences. This is a rather intimate, haunting, yet very suspenseful movie. It grabs you from the first minute and drag you along into its gripping world of suspense and did not let you until the end. As if that did not make a great movie going experience, I have to mention that this movie was made to look like the entire movie was shot in one take without any cut by one single camera that follow the two soldiers through their journey from the the first to the final frame. How’s that for virtuoso film making? Not since Saving Private Ryan had I been impressed with a war movie until i watched 1917. I put this movie in the same league with that Spielberg’s classic any day. Sam Mendes is a masterful storyteller who always push boundaries with every movie he made. It is also worth to mention, unlike most war movies that run a gamut of 2.5 hours to 3.5 hours long, 1917 clocked in to just shy of 120 minutes.
Not a single frame wasted on a bad scene in that 2 hour time period. Don’t wait for the blu ray or streaming, go watch it in cinema where this movie is made to be viewed on.