A Hidden Life – A poetic visual narrative

If you plan to go see A HIDDEN LIFE, you need to know off the bat that this is a Terence Malik movie that has all his signature style of storytelling from the first frame of the movie to the last. If you are not familiar with the style of Terence Malik, you need to educate yourself with his movies before you go. If you are a fan of Terence Malik, you will fall in love with this movie. It is a visual poetry with compelling storyline, impeccably edited (it took Terrence Malik over 3 years to edit), beautifully scored (By James Newton Howard), and gorgeously shot in super stretch wide angle lenses showing the sprawling landscape and  in close proximity of the characters (to better convey their intimacy in some scenes and amp up the tension in other scenes).
Any other director making nearly 3 hour long, slow movie such as this would’ve put me to sleep within the first half an hour into it. But not Terence Malik. He managed to keep me all my senses awake throughout the movie using sight, sound, and virtuoso editing to tell a great story. And on top of that, great acting and charismatic chemistry from the two leads, August Diehl and Valerie Pachner. This movie is destined to join Terence Malik’s past classics as one of his stand out legacy.