Underwater – A no-nonsense sci fi flick that gets it right

Forget the negative reviews out there about this film. This movie gets it right in almost every aspect.  It learnt about the mistake of the past failed sci fi movies and strive not to make those same mistakes and understand what the audiences want from a movie. This movie kick off at the moment where the disaster took place and throughout the movie, it is about the will to survive among the crews who have every imaginable odds against them.  The movie have better than average CGI effects and very menacing underwater monsters that ratch up the suspense that much more. Kristen Stewart redeemed herself from the flop Charlie’s Angels with this movie. She fit into the role of Norah like a glove. She’s fearless, unselfish, and protective of her crews. As the lead, she’s practically in every scene and essentially carry the entire movie on her shoulder. I like the fact that there is no wasted moment that can drag down the momentum of suspense and sense of peril throughout the movie. I recommend this movie because it is a terrific 90 minutes of  suspenseful ride.