Bad Boys For Life – the sequel they shouldn’t make

I couldn’t believe I’d write this, but I actually miss the bayhem kinetic and super contrast color toning. That’s the signature style of Bad Boys. You take that away from this movie, Bad Boys become an ordinary action movie.  I am not a big fan of Michael Bay’s movie but I have to give credit where it dues. Michael is the master at big action sequences. Just look at his recent Netflix output “6 Underground”. The action sequence is the best thing in that movie. In fact, the action is the best thing in ALL Michael Bay’s movie. I don’t know why they producer handed over the directing reign to a couple of unknown Belgium indie directors. This movie fall flat despite having gone through rewrite with many famous script doctors because the backbone of the movie, Michael Bay’s signature action sequences, is gone. What remained is the action sequences that look like a wanna be Bayheim, peppered with lame comedy banters by the two aging leads. I read that they are currently in production with Bad Boys 4. Lord have mercy. I hope they put that sequel in turn around after they see the tepid box office return.