The Invisible Man – Ah-mazinggg!

We have the failure of Tom Cruise’s “The Mummy” to thank for the existence of this little suspenseful gem. It was originally planned to be part of a Monster Universe along with Wolfman and other monsters in Universal Studio’s library of monster character. Johnny Depp was attached to play the sci-fi big budget version, which quickly scrapped after the failure of THE MUMMY. This is a perfect example of Horror Done Right. It only cost 7 millions and light years more suspenseful than any movie that cost a whole lot more. Leigh Whannell is the reigning king of low budget B movie. He know the importance of restrain when it come to creating suspenseful scenes and when to reign in the CGI effect to avoid overwhelming and ruining the story line.
Much like his previous low budget thriller UPGRADE, this movie use the CGI sparingly, but to its maximum effect. The acting and story is king here. Elizabeth Moss is the perfect leading lady to plunge you into fear and madness. She is in every frame of this movie and carry the entire movie on her shoulder. You eyes will be glued to the screen for over 2 hours, totally hypnotized by the original storyline and the sense of dread lurking in every empty room the camera pointed to. 10 out of 10 in my book.