A Quiet Place 2 – Even more gripping than the first one

I found myself grabbing to the seat rests beside me so often during the screening of this movie that I decided to placed my hands on my lap for the remaining of the movie. This movie is a 95 minutes exercise of terror. It  teased out just enough short pauses to let you breath a sigh of relief before start choking you again with the next edge-of-your-seat, gripping moment; and this continues throughout the ENTIRE movie. From the beginning to its spectacular ending. With this triumphant sophomore directing effort, John Krasinski cemented himself as the pre eminent writer-director of suspense-terror movie genre. You don’t know quite where the movie is leading you except you know you are watching some very well-paced, seriously heart pounding, suspenseful sequences. Through it all, the director managed to keep the storyline intimately personal by following the remaining Abbott clan through their perilous journey to seek safety without their smart, calculating, and protective patriarch. This time around, as if the vicious creatures are not villainous and murderous enough, they have to watch out for other, imminent danger once they tread off the sand path to uncharted territories.