Hello Everyone… – a new year.

It has been a year since I last posted on this site. The last post was back in March 2020, right around the time the Pandemic disrupt our daily lives. No more movie going in cinemas, no more advance screening and movie premieres. The new norms are home streaming and remote zooming. I hope everyone is doing okay and in good health. There are many who are out of a job and I can empathize, being a freelancer almost all my career. I never know when the next job will come or do come at all. The months leading to the pandemic shut down was a tough one for me. I was contemplating shutting down this site because the expensive annual subscription to keep this site going is not just a mere chump change. Around that time, it could mean a week and a half worth of groceries. Somehow I was able to scrape together enough to keep this site going despite the fact that I did not have anything to post until today… I hope you are still around to go through my old post archive and come by once in a while to visit the site. I promise to be more active in posting interesting movies or series that I come across in my stream-universe that is my living room. I wish you will stick around and check out my new posts and leave a message or two from time to time so I know the money spent to keep this site alive is not going to naught.