Promising Young Woman – must see thriller

Carey Mulligan prepare for some showr

This is no ordinary, run of the mill Hollywood flick. Carey Mulligan is a powerhouse and flexed her acting muscle to make this movie immensely engrossing. You have probably seen the trailer where she pretend to be a blind drunken woman in a bar that was picked up by “nice guys” who tried to laid her. This is only the tip of the iceberg in the grand storyline of a movie. You gradually meet all the characters that crosses her path and a clearer picture emerge as to why she did what she did. This movie do not have a single slow moment. Scene upon scene of witty dialogues and intense situations propelled this movie like a runaway train to it’s shocking and unexpected conclusion. This is one of those rare gems of an indie stand out that you constantly search for to fulfill your craving for good, original movie. Don’t miss it.