Black Bear – Fans Of Aubrey Plaza, Rejoice!

Aubrey Plaza in Black Bear

I think you might already guess from the lack of still photos from the movie, the film maker want to minimize any exposure into the film itself and shroud it in mystery to intrigue potential filmgoers. The method work, to a point. Hell, it drew me into watching it after reading some glowing review about this movie being Aubrey Plaza’s best performance in a movie to date. Is it watchable? Yes, especially if you are an Aubrey Plaza fan and thrive in watching uncomfortable scene scenarios. But this is an indie film and these kind of premise are expected. What I didn’t expect though was the juxtapose storyline inside the movie. Seems like someone took a chapter out of David Lynch’s masterclass in story telling and made his version of it. Well, it’s not my job to spoil the movie for you. If you love talkie indie movie, this is a movie for you.