The Mauritanian – A well-acted true story

The mauritanian

In an generation where the public is constantly bombarded with shocking news of government wrong doings and president’s supposed leadership mishandling, the story of The Mauritanian feel remarkably dated. Much like some decade-old magazine cover story you come across during spring cleaning your book shelf. It was shocking then to read and see the images of the water-boarding torture method and inhumane treatments these POW received in order to extract valuable intel from them. The visuals of those atrocities somehow overshadow the cruelty depicted in this movie because while watching those scenes, you become aware that this is a set up scenario and it is pale in comparison to the real thing seen in photographs and first person account testimonies. Having stated that, this movie is filled with top notch acting across the board. from Tahar Rahim as Mohamedou Ouid Slahi to Shailene Woodley as Teri Duncan.
Jodie Foster very deservedly won the Golden Globe for her portrayal of Attorney Nancy Hollander. Benedict Cumberbatch stole every scene he is in with his portrayal of Stuart Couch with unflinching intensity. Despite its dated premise, this movie still resonate as an adult drama worth spending your time on.