Come True – Slow, nightmarish suspense

First off, if you do not have patience or in the mood for a slow movie, you should skip this altogether. If you are interested in seeing an exploration into sleep walking and journey into an atmospheric cinematography, then this might be up your alley. I have to warn you though, this is a super slow movie. The color grading for this movie is in a very dark, cool tone, which sets the tone for a foreboding trip into the main character’s nightmare. All you know at the beginning is that the main character is a run-away but it never explain why she ran away from home or why did she still manage to go to school yet her parents never bother to look for her there.
Many questions popped up in the first ten minutes of the movie.
Many more questions come up when she decide to join a sleep study experiment that pay people to sleep in the clinic while their brain waves are being scan for datas during their sleep. By this time, you’d have guessed that sinister things are happening in the sleep clinic but you don’t know quite what they are. Well, that’s not being explained eithe, and the storyline marches on towards more set up that begs for more questions. Two third into the movie, I started to think if this movie doesn’t have a twist ending, this is going to be a terrible movie. This movie continue to create more question until the very last frame of it, where all become clear and all your questions will be answered in the last 10 seconds of the movie. Is the twist ending worth the time spent sitting through the entire movie for? That answer is up to you. You might come out feeling that you have been wasting your time or you walked out thinking it is a decent effort from a filmmaker who wrote, direct, and edit this film himself.