Justice League, Snyder Cut – A Worthy Do Over

I think you must have seen and read by now that this movie is something special. Finally, a movie that is worthy the DC superhero cannon. Well, I am happy to report that it’s all true.
Imagine if you will, when you go in and take a test at school when prior of taking that test, you get to see the identical test taken by someone else who got a D grade on that test. You saw all the mistakes he/she made on that test. Will you do the same mistakes? No you won’t. You will excel and gave all the correct answer to get a perfect A on your test. That second test is this version of Justice League and that test taker is Zack Snyder.
He fixed every flaw, remove every redundant scenes, add an emotional wallop into the movie by extending character exploration on all the main characters and make them even more bad-ass than they they looked. The result is a spectacular super hero movie that is for the ages.
You will be thrilled and touched by the spectacular action and storyline. It is a long 4 hour but it did not feel so because Mr Snyder make good use of every single minute of the movie to make this better than its previous incarnation. Gone are the silly banters that the studio thought we needed on every super hero movie, back is the brooding feels and the highly stylized cinematography Zac Snyder movie is known for. The action set pieces felt very sharp and bad ass. In contrast, the action scenes in the original version felt sluggish and aimless. The return of Superman is supposed to be a big event and it felt like that in this movie. The previous version rush that resurrection along without a sense of ultimate urgency. The final battle was visceral and you have a sense that the stake was high. The feeling like one of these character could die while saving earth from invasion by Darkseid.
Some people thought the 4×3 ratio was a distraction and that the long epilogue to the movie was un-necessary. I however, did not mind the film presentation ratio and thought the extra long ending was a treat to glimpse into what could have been had Snyderverse continue.
Now we just have to wait and see if someone from Warner Brothers come to their senses and let Zac Snyder renew his commitment to the DC universe that he helped put together.