Sentinelle – Lean & Mean French Actioneer

Netflix produced French actioneer starring Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko about a war veteran who become a Sentinelle, kinda like the US version of National Guard. This was the most streamed movie in France on the first week of its release there. As a leading actress who have starred in many super budget Hollywood action movies, Olga is wildly popular in Europe. She has been starring as leading actress in many European and International features, which is what she is focusing on lately. Directed by French action director Julien LeClercq, this movie strive for authenticity in terms of fight choreography and drama. The movie started in the Middle East where Olga who play Klara, encounter her PTSD experience which set the stage for her at-times unhinged behavior. Back home from the service, she is assigned as one of the Sentinelle in the small French idyllic beach town. On a fateful night, her calm life was turned upside down by an event that involved her sister. The first half of the movie set move slowly but not by any mean boring because it sets up what Klara’s condition for the viewer. The second half of the movie ramps up the suspense and won’t let on until the final conclusion. There were plenty of hand to hand combat that looks realistic because unlike most Hollywood action movie with female star, Klara was banged up quite a bit and the fight choreography looks more like a random bar brawl than the smooth choreographed Hollywood style. This lent to the more authentic vibe to this movie. The color grading and cinematography is also top notch in this movie. Overall, this is a good way to spend a lean 80 minutes of your free time on.