Something Different, I present, Angéle: “Brol La Suite”

I know this is a web blog that is strictly about movies. But I have decided to break tradition this Easter Sunday by recommending a VERY under-rated yet incredibly awesome album by Angéle called “Brol La Suite”. This is a new version of the original album which simply called “Brol”. The new version have extra songs that are not simply filler to sell more record but these are sumptuous, beautifully crafted new songs and a full orchestra version of the song “Ta Riene”.

Let me explain why I recommend this album and Angéle so highly to the non-French speaking audiences. This album came out in October 24th, 2019 and quickly gain popularity in the Francophile charts. She travelled to New York, then to Montreal in December to play some concerts to sold out crowd in support of this album.
Then early Feb, the Pandemic hits and the world shut down. This is when I first discover her, during the “One World: Together at Home” Youtube performance. She performed the super catchy and her biggest hit from the album “Balance Ton Quoi:

Obviously, this is not the only great song in the album. Rather, the entire album is very cohesively crafter with the most incredible production. If you are an audiophile, this album is a must have.
It will drive you to audio heaven. If you love Daft Punk’s electronic sound, this album is like a brighter, smoother version of their album with a singer with angelic voice singing throughout the whole album.
Listen to every single song with your best headphone and you will be hooked, as I am.
Especially these four:
– Victime Des Reséaux
– Balance Ton Quoi
– Ta Reine (Version Orchestrale)
– Jalousie

Almost a year since I discover the album. I still listen to it every week. While the dance floor in the American living room have been rocking to Dua Lipa’s FUTURE NOSTALGIA, and our conterparts in the UK were stomping their floor with Kylie Minogue’s DISCO, Angéle’s BROL has been conquering the EU with her immaculately produce album with cut after cut of perfect pop songs, winning every award it is being nominated for. She also collaborated with Dua Lipa and released the duet single FEVER in October 2020.
See the video here:

It is time you discover this album and add to your spotify list to listen to when you work remotely or during your commute to and from the office.
Here is the Amazon link to the album: