News of the World – Good ol’ fashion Western road movie

I don’t know about you but a good Western is one of my favorite movie genre. Especially if it is a road movie where the protagonists have a mission to complete. Very simple premise, really. But what they have to go through to accomplish said mission will make or break the movie. I am happy to report that this is a good one. There is enough complicated relationship between Tom Hanks’ character and the girl he found on his journey. To add more perilous elements into that mix just amp up the intrigue and excitement to the storyline.
The film direction is expertly handled by Paul Greengrass, who is a two time veteran director of the Jason Bourne Saga. He directed the two best sequels of the Bourne series, IMHO. Based on a good book as the source material, this movie take you on a journey that never bores you and feast your eyes with exquisite cinematography. There are worse way to spend less than 2 hours of your life. This movie will keep you intrigued to the last scene and tugged at your heartstring in between its suspenseful showdowns and beautiful sceneries.