Godzilla vs Kong – Come for the brawl

I know I am late to the party on this one. There has been many reviews about this movie and every single one of them complained about the lack of plot and terrible storyline.
None of them are wrong and I wont’ dispute that. However, every person who complained about that is missing the point. The film maker knew that people come to see this movie for the showdown. Thankfully, half of the movie is dedicated to these showdowns, otherwise, the fans would have boycott it and stay away from this movie that’s been hyped for the showdown scenes.
The film maker can not put out a gonzo version of this movie with only fight content from beginning to the end, so they padded it up with uninspired plots, a funny plot twist that is in tune with this era of primate communication ability, and filled the remaining of the movies with disposable dialogues and terrible, deliberate set ups to move the story along. The showdowns though, are where this movie really shines and where every single dollar of the movie’s budget got spent to ensure the visual look absolutely stunning. That is why this movie is in pace to make its $100 million box office earning, the best in the Pandemic era of any movie.
This movie also show the studio that despite the availability to watch at the comfort of you house via HBO MAX, audiences are willing to pay premium price to enjoy this movie where it is suppose to be seen. On big screens, with awesome Dolby Atmos’ rumbling sound quality, among other audience member, and if you can on the giant IMAX screens befitting the two gigantic marquee stars of the movie.