Old – Watchable but with some caveat

You probably look forward to see this movie after seeing the intriguing trailer. And with M Night as the director, you are expecting some grand reveal in the ending. I am not going to write any spoiler to the movie on this review. Safe to say that some will find this movie enlightening and some think this is a failure in story telling. I am in the middle of the spectrum and will confirm that although the ending left me underwhelmed, I was glued to the screen throughout the film, itching to find out what will happen next throughout the movie. That, to me, is an enjoyable ride of movie watching. The one thing I agree with some reviewers out there, is that the cinematography is very subpar. I think the director chose many of these angles and isolated focus shots that are meant to disoriented the viewers, but to me, they look like terrible shot framings and bad cropping. It look like someone never look at a movie scene framing tutorial on youtube or worse, never learn how to take photograph in their live and all of a sudden was handed a high end RED digital video camera and told to start shooting with it. Just a lot of awful shots throughout a movie that could do with a vast improvement that will elevate the movie. M Night’s cinematographer could learn from the movie like Midsømmar for good cinematography. Other than that, I think the movie has a good message and let me be clear, this is not a horror movie. It is a mystery genre.
So don’t go in expecting a good scare. You will come out very dissapointed if you go in with that mind frame. If you love a mystery flick and did not expect a clear cut ending that wrap up everything neatly, you will enjoy this movie.