Snake Eyes – Just awful.

In the era of Marvel Universe and John Wick franchise, for a movie to become an action franchise, it need to raise to the level of those movie to have a chance to gain fan and followers. I would say Snake Eyes is performing on the 30% level of John Wick 1.
The awful sword and hand to hand combats were all masked out using fast jump cuts and shaky camera moves. The best CGI in this movie was the freeway chase and the jump around on to a flatbed automobile carrier truck.
Every single actors and actress in this movie are grossly mis-cast. Let me repeat: EVERY PERSON in this movie was grossly mis-cast.
Henry Golding is no action star material at all. That was the very first mistake, casting him as snake eyes. His character was no bad ass ninja assassin, he did not even know how to master the ninja way and did not learn anything about the katana sword technique.
And that awful hairstyle of his that never change no matter which movie genre he is starring in. It made him look like he just got teleported from the mid 1980s.
Don’t even get me started about this movie have no actual bad ass SNAKE EYES character at all. He did not exist until the last 10 seconds of the movie, when he don the costume and jump on to his low rider motorcycle and sped away from the frame.
The only bad ass character in this movie is the Scarlett character played by Samara Weaving.
Too bad she was only in the movie as scene dressing, and literally spent a total of about 5 minutes in the entire movie. This movie should be focusing on her instead. Snake Eyes is just a big disappointment and a sorry excuse for a modern action film.