Stillwater – Go see this amazing gem

People forget how good Matt Damon is as an actor. He successfully sold us as a amnesiac lethal spy. Now he tone his demeanor way down as an everyman American who is out of his depth as a father in a foreign land who is trying to help his daughter out of jail. The movie is filled with twist and turn throughout, with slow reveal and deep character development. This movie is slow but you will be so invested in the story telling that you just get suck into it. Tom McCarthy is an incredible director who can turn a two hour plus movie into a mixed genre with the twist and turn changes through each act in the movie. Matt Damon squarely carried the movie on his shoulder with very strong supporting character throughout. It is tender, intense, and suspenseful, all in one movie. This is what a movie with perfect casting look like. Ignore all the chatter out on the ether about how Amanda Knox speaks out against this movie and the film maker because this movie has no resemblance to her case aside from the initial premise of an American girl being incarcerated in a foreign land for the murder of her room mate. Everything else about this movie were fleshed out by the director and the talented actros involved. So no, the film makers do not need to consult Amanda Knox because she has nothing to do with this movie. This is a very solid suspense drama that is worth your time and money paid for the ticket. Highly recommended.