The Suicide Squad 2021 – Great fun and epic

This is quite a shift in tone from the other suicide squad movie, and for the better. The movie did not waste a single frame dwelling on dull scene and start with a bang and peppered with tid bid back story of the characters as the movie progresses, in a very clever narrative unveil. The movie deserved to be watched on big screen for maximum impact. You probably read by now that this movie is a hard R-rating and it wear that label as a source of pride. It is unflinchingly violent and full of profanity language. You were probably has been warned that unlike the first movie, the death of the characters are quick and plenty. No one is character is safe from being snuffed out throughout of the movie. The one thing that made this movie above any run of the mill superhero action movie is the tender and touching element that expose the vulnerability of these broken characters. Despite the extreme violence, director James Gunn managed to soften some of the most violent moment with flourish of animation and balletic fight choreography. There will be two post credit scenes that you want to sit around for. I highly recommend it because James Gunn did a terrific job with this ensemble team up of mismatch superheroes. At the hand a capable and talented story teller, a chaotic set up become a polished gem of enjoyable romp. Truly one of the best super hero movies ever made. Please go see and support this movie so they will make another sequel and hopefully James Gunn will be back to helm it again.