Don’t Breath 2 – A decent & suspenseful follow up to the original

I was surprised when I first saw the trailer to the excellent DON’T BREATH. The original movie was a short and taut study in suspense. A lightning in a bottle gem of a suspense thriller. Genius premise with expertly paced suspense. The first thing I thought when I found out the sequel is coming out was whether this sequel will be a drone rehash of the formula from the first film. Luckily, the film maker also realize this so they release the trailer to show that the the story is not merely about a bunch of folks locked up (again) in a house with a senior blind navy seal with a set of self defense skills. To up the ante, a child is now is involved in the mix. The movie started with an easy set up introducing the two main characters. Viewer who saw the original version already know the old man and what he is capable of. The little girl though, is the mystery character that the audiences would like to know her origin and how she come about to be with the blind senior. This is when the story unfold in some unexpected twist and turn. When the suspense home invasion started about 15 minutes into the movie, it brought back that feeling you encounter in the first half hour of the original film. Although this time around, the character you are rooting for are the little girl and the blind senior. This is the clever part of the film maker who realize that the most compelling character from the original movie is Stephen Lang’s blind senior character. They turn the table and make the audiences rooting for him to survive the incredibly savage home invasion thugs and save the little girl. But before you get in your head that this is a simple premise. The film maker threw a big wrench into the plot that can make your jaw drop and spin the perception of who’s the more evil character in this movie. Well, just like the clever plot in the first movie, the answer to that is that every single character in the movie are bad seed in one degree or another. Aside from the little girl, there is not really any one who you can consider a standard “good guy” in this movie. There are only bad guys, it’s just that some are more rotten that others. The movie was very good, especially with the whammy of a plot twist reveal half way into the movie. Too bad the second half of the movie, suspenseful as it is, turned into a somewhat jumbled of implausibility and carry itself in that manner all the way to the final act. I would still recommend it, just don’t raise your expectation for it to be as good as the original movie. Just revel in the fact that the film makers are clever enough to make a movie with quite a different premise while trying to keep audiences on the edge of their seats (sometime) through this sequel. Oh, by the way, there is a post end credit scene after all the credit ended. So sit through it if you want to find out what happen to the character you root for and whether there might possibly be another sequel that it could set itself up for.