The Night House – Why was this movie even got made?

Seriously! After watching this movie, I went searching for its reviews trying to understand what I just watched. This movie will be absolutely unwatchable had it not been for the terrific and hypnotic Rebecca Hall who carry the entire movie squarely on her shoulder, and tried mighty hard not to get sunk down by the unpolished script and her inexperienced horror director. By the end of the movie, I vaguely get the story line but still unsure of the WHAT really happened and the HOW it happened. The ending though, is the weakest part of the movie, imho. In the hand of horror master like M Night Shyamalan, this movie would crackle and pop like a good mystery suspense flick it was born to be. Unfortunately, it is a tall order to expect the same here. I give stellar mark to Rebecca Hall for making this movie bearable and zero star for the storyline and directing.