The Protegé – much better than the trailer let on

I don’t understand why some studio let a shitty trailer editor crafted their movie trailer that make people want to skip the movie after seeing its trailer. That is completely the opposite of what a trailer supposed to do. When I first saw the trailer to this movie, I immediately cringed and think “a spy movie stars over the hill actors…not that exciting…” It didn’t help that the trailer show all the cliché spy action stuff. The only thing that made me want to go see it is because of its director. Martin Campbell have been directing solid, entertaining action movies for decades. Starting with The Mask of Zorro through the Bond franchise from Pierce Brosnan’s Golden Eye to the first Daniel Craig as Bond in Casino Royale, Mr Campbell know how to make an exciting action movie with good storyline mixed in. He even helmed the super hero movie the Green Lantern, which is not a bad movie after all. It’s just GL fans are expecting a whole lot more from it and walked away feeling deprived.
Well, The Protegé storyline is much more interesting than what the trailer let on. There are much more weight given on the back story of these characters and the story arc goes full circle. There are some loopholes in the story but you will give that a pass in service of very good acting from all the cast across the board. These veteran actors make their roles belieable and Maggie Q mined her experience from La Femme Nikita series to create a lethal assassin character hell bent on a revenge mission.Michael Keaton is surprisingly rather believable as a deadly bodyguard who have a semi soft spot for Maggie Q’s character. The hand to hand combat in the movie are believable and did not use those typical quick cuts when the actors are too lazy or unable to learn the fight choreography to sell the fight scenes. They were shot wide and uncut to better show the acrobatic throw down of the close quarter bare hand combats. It make an action movie thrilling to watch. Take note SNAKE EYES, this is how you do a good bare hand fight scenes.
Sure, the ending is a bit Hollywood and could be more creative. But I walked out feeling totally entertained and glad that I did not completely wasted two hours of my life on a movie that look as implausible as another lame action flick cloned from Luc Besson’s conveyor line.