Candyman– Another no-scare horror flick

As far as I can recall, the original Candyman is a so so movie to begin with. Somehow, over the years, that movie reach a cult status. Go figure…So I did not have high expectation this movie is going to be any better than the original. However, with bigger budget and renewed savviness in cinematography, this movie is gorgeous and stylish, with a cohesive storyline. Is it scary and creepy? Not in my opinion. It has that uneasy feeling you get when you watch the first half of Get Out. I never feel creeped out or experience any jump scare throughout the movie. In the end, this movie feel like an attempt to reboot a B-Horror movie and shape it into a credible franchise while elevating the Candyman character to the level of Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers. If you want a good horror yarn shot in gorgeous cinematography. this is the movie for you. But if you want some serious scarefest, you need to look elsewhere.