Malignant – B-horror movie for the new era

I think a lot of people did not get what this movie’s about. The fault fall partly on the studio who did not want to spoil the movie by revealing too much on the trailer. And yes, there is a whopper of a twist in the third act, where the film reached the apex of its ridiculousness and gory-ness.
I have a feeling the studio also did not want to rely on James Wan’s name as the draw because this is nothing like what James wan had done before. So when audiences went to see this movie expecting a polished, serious and classy horror like The Conjuring, they are in for the shock of their lives.
Throughout the movie, many audiences were laughing out loud at the ridiculousness of the story set up, the very obvious overacting of Annabelle Wallis as the Madison Mitchell character, and the over abundance of gore on the third act. I think this is what James Wan is going for. An over the top, outrageous, Hollywood budget scale B-horror movie for the new generation.
Is this movie boring? No.
Is it terrible? That’s relative. Show me any B-schlock movie that is impeccably made and oscar-worthy and I will answer this question for you.
Is it original? Yes and no because this storyline is wholly original among all the horror genre in the last decade. However, this movie is actually a modern take (with gender swap) of an old classic horror literature akin to Dracula and Frankenstein. Can you guess which one I am referring to?
So here’s my two cents on it. If James Wan set out to make a Hollywood budget size B-horror movie that mixed wire-work martial art with extreme gore, cringe-worthy overacting, eye-roll inducing dialogues, and simply outrageous plot-twist yet wholly entertaining. Then I say he succeeded with flying color.