KATE – One of the best action movie this year.

If you haven’t seen KATE on Netflix by now, do yourself a favor and fire up your netflix app. The best way that I can describe this movie is the female equivalent of John Wick. But that description does no justice to KATE because this movie is what happen when the ultra violent Korean Gangster movie and Nicolas Winding Refn’s DRIVE had a baby. And in a good way.
Mary Elizabeth Winstead own this movie because she is in every frame of this kick ass actioneer.
Yes, you have seen a female assassin movie done hundred of times but never in this balls-out swagger and never in such a gorgeous neon-lit cinematography. To the eyes of the novice, this look like an awesome gun fighting, car chasing, gore splashing by-the-number action flick. But if you look a little closer, the scenes are full of cinematic technical marvel that require extensive preparation and strategically injected CGI that move the story along without overpowering it to the point of absurd like some heavy-handed action movies you’ve seen before.
You can find worse way to spend 1hr and 46 minutes of your time. I give it thumbs up. Way up!